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Become a Member

St. Andrew's Centre - Main Hall


First 2 weeks of January

Before every activity


Presently, you cannot sign up on-line. You must go to either centre and fill in a blank membership form. The fee for 2024 is now $20.

A sample is available in the button below. If you prefer, you can print out a blank sheet, fill it in and take it to the centre.

Click the button below to obtain a blank membership form.


New Member

New members are welcome. The cost ifor 2024 is now $20 

(Jan.1 to Dec31).  Membership is free for anyone aged 90 and over.


Renewing Member

Membership renewal is required at the start of a new year. The cost will remain the same for the entire year. There will be no discount in the Fall.


Returning Member

All returning members can sign up as soon as the first of the year. There will be certain dates through the year for all members to come to either centre to sign up.

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