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NOTE:  The St. Andrew's Centre will be closed all week from Sunday, July 14 to Saturday, July 20. Some activities may be moved that week to the Village Centre. Stay tuned for details

Activities by Day
with $1 drop-in fees
(Yellow background require $1 drop-in fee)
(Blue background requires separate fee - no $1 drop in fee)

Contact One of our Activity Coordinators for further information

List of Activities

The Complete Activity List, which is the same as the printed copies at both centres.

The List by Activity shows the activities in alphabetical order

The following buttons provide the activities by day

If any Coordinator would like to promote their activity, contact Doug Bolduc. Please provide the information (i/c photos if available) and I will add them to this page.

Sunday BINGO at the Village

March 24th 1:00. - 4:00

April 28th 1:00. - 4:00

May 26th 1:00. - 4:00

June 30th 1:00. - 4:00

( last Sunday each month)

Sunday BINGO at St. Andrew's

May 12th 1:00. - 4:00

June 9th 1:00. - 4:00

June 7th 1:00. - 4:00

[Changed due to July 13 Maintence week shutdown]

( 2nd Sunday each month)

George Kwan

Quite a few new players have recently joined Table Tennis. There is room for more if you are interested. See the Activity List for days and times .

Photos of Activities

Here are some photos of the various activities being enjoyed by the members in both centres


If you have a question or comment regarding the activities, please enter it in the block below. 

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