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Upcoming Events

Here are the upcoming events being planned for both St. Andrew's and the Pickering Village Centres plus the Town of Ajax.

For those of you who haven't been to St. Andrew's Centre lately, both parking lots are now open!!!


Every Tuesday, starting on October 31, there will be an art session 

(pen and ink with illustration) at the Village Centre.

The time will be 11am to 1pm each week.

There is a sign up sheet on the St. Andrew's centre Bulletin Board.

The number is restricted to 12 people. 



Owing to poor ticket sales this year's Christmas Dinner has been cancelled. Unfortunately, we needed a minimum amount to break even and were well below that number.

Those of you who purchased tickets can get your refund from the person who sold them to you.


There will be a games night on New Year's Eve at St. Andrew's Centre from 7 to Midnight.

The games will be bingo, euchre, cribbage and, bid euchre

Snacks will be provided at half time

The cost is $20 which includes everything.

Sign ups sheets will be posted at both centres

Tickets will be available soon until Dec 22 from

Dianne Hussey  (905) 123-4567,

Lois Austin  (905) 123-4567

Jan Herbert  (905) 123-4567

Town of Ajax Events

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